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What is Computer Navigation for Dental Implants?

Computer navigation is a technology that permits the dental surgeon, the real-time tracking of dental implants during the procedure on a computer screen.

Every surgery in the mouth aims to restore the teeth and the gums to their most natural, functional, and attractive state after tooth loss. During the procedure, it is important to preserve the nearby vessels and nerves to prevent any complications after the operation while making the best use of the jawbone so that the changes last long term.

This is why it is essential to have proper visibility while performing surgery. With the help of computer navigation, the surgeon can actually see the region where he is performing the surgery.

The following are the advantages of using Computer navigated dental implants-

  •  Computer-assisted operations can prevent some serious surgical complications, such as harm to anatomical structures (e.g., nerves, arteries, or the maxillary sinus), resulting in comparatively less discomfort and swelling in the surgical area after the operation. Using this technology makes it easy to work as there is good and proper visualisation on a large computer monitor screen rather than the patient’s mouth.
  • Precision and accuracy in implant placement.
  • Before surgery, detailed treatment planning can help avoid or eliminate unexpected events. So, the time taken for the surgery can be reduced, which is beneficial to both, the patient and the doctor.
  • Patients who have issues with their bone’s structure or volume or need changes in the architecture of the bone may benefit from computer-guided implant surgery.
  • Computer-assisted surgery can help to reduce the problems with existing implants or neighbouring teeth. This form of treatment may be appropriate for people who require urgent tooth removal and implant placement.

Sekhar’s Dental is the first one in Telangana, and overall 3rd in India to use Computer navigation-based implant placement giving precise and accurate results.


Listen to our Patient experiences with Dr Sekhar's Dental

  • Totally Pain less Root Canal Treatment Done in a Single Sitting.

    Mrs. Sapna Gupta

    I Came here for my Root Canal Treatment and got the Root Canal Done And also Got an Implant by Dr Sekhar. He is an Amazing Doctor I Brought my Mom also She got Her Root Canal Done and Her Four Teeth Implants We loved the Way they Treated The Staff is so Polite and have so much Experience Good Refer to Everyone who ever i know to come here. Thank you.

  • Very Luxurious Dental Hospital with Helpful Staff & Doctors

    Mr. Djerou Haroune Ahmat

    Good evening i’m here in Dr Sekhar’s Dental Implant Center Just i wanna Thanks them for the lot of Help they did to me All in Two Sitting lot of Difference in my Tooth and Totally Different now Im Feeling Very Healthy in my Tooth and my Gum everything is Good Just i wanna Thank the Doctor and all the Assistant’s here. This Center is Very Nice and Their Handling is Very Luxury.

  • Dr Sekhar Fixed my Broken Front Teeth with Dental Implants.

    Mr. Preetham Reddy

    After i have Lost my Front Teeth i have Searched for a Permanent Solution for an Implant. Through Google i have Found Sekhar’s Dental Implant Center When i came for the first time they have Seen my Case and Went Thoroughly Through the Process and which Implant has to be Chosen The Process took around Two to Three Days Dr ChandraSekhar Treated me Carefully for a Successful Result

  • Thanks to the Doctor Solving my Long Term Dental Problem

    Mr. Srihari Chodagiri

    Sincere Thanks to the Doctor for Helping me Solve a Long Time Pending Dental Problem I live in Oman and i have Suffered some Issue with the Upper Tooth. The Incidentally Referred to this Dr Sekhar in Hyderabad is also the Place that i came from This Doctor is a Very Nice Person he has a Good setup Lab and Facility And the way Treatment has been Done was Very Very Good. I’m so Thankful for the Doctor for Solving the Problem.

  • Very Happy that I Chose Sekhar's Dental for my Dental Implant

    Mr. Santosh

    From past 2-3 years I am facing dental problems, I have visited many hospitals and look treatments but couldn’t find a solution for my problems, Finally I have visited Dr Sekhars Dental Hospital and with in half an hour Dr figured out the problem and did a root canal treatment. Thanks to Dr Chandrasekhar Garu for giving a solution to my dental problems. I will definitely suggest this hospital to my friends and family who are suffering from dental problems.

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