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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentristry is the branch of dentistry that deals with child tooth problems i.e. from infant to adolescent age. Managing child, addressing his and parents fears /apprehension is the major challenge. We consider every child uniqueness and mould our way to ensure he is all comfortable and cooperate with procedure.

The set of milk teeth completely erupt into oral cavity by two and half years. The first permanent tooth to erupt is at the age of six years. A child should depend on his milk teeth i.e primary set of teeth for almost 4-5 years until the permanent teeth completely erupts for his nutrition. Moreover this period of growing requires good nutrition.According to researchers it was proved that “A Healthy child is the person who have healthy set of teeth.”

Treatments which are offered by our Dr Sekhar’s dental Care & Implant centre to the children are :

  1. Restorative Fillings
  2. Root canal treatment for milk teeth & permanent teeth.
  3. Braces for malaligned teeth
  4. Preventive treatments like application of pit & fissure sealants & flouride varnishes
  5. Treatment for oral habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing,tongue thrusting ,teeth grinding etc.
  6. Protective dental sport guards
  7. Space maintainers to preserve the space for erupting permanent teeth when milk teeth are removed at an early age
  8. Treatment for medically compromised/special children
  9. Interceptive Orthodontics: Preventive measures can be taken in the childhood to reduce the occurence of malalignment.


Premature loss of primary molars can cause a number of undesirable consequences including loss of arch length, insufficient space for erupting premolars and mesial tipping of permanent molars. Pulpectomy of primary molar teeth is considered as a reasonable treatment approach to ensure either normal shedding or a long term survival in instances of retention. The main objective of pulp therapy in the primary dentition is to retain every primary tooth as a fully functional component in the dental arch to allow for proper mastication, phonation, swallowing & preservation of space required for eruption of permanent teeth.

Partial pulpectomy or pulpotomy:

Pulpotomy is the process of removal of entire coronal inflammed pulpal tissue leaving vital radicular pulp.


  • Decayed primary molars with no clinical signs of pain, swelling and fistula
  • Decayed primary molars with no signs of radiographic perapical infection
  • Accidental pulpal exposure during cavity preparation


Pulpectomy is the process of extirpation of entire pulpal tissue( i.e, both coronal and radicular pulp)and disinfecting followed with resorbable filling material of preferred choice.


  • Primary molars with entire pulpal infection
  • Decayed primary molars with clinical signs of swelling ,abscess and fistula
  • Primary molars with evident radiographic periapical infection
  • Non vital teeth that are to be maintained in arch
  • Pus discharge from canals


Crown is actually a tooth shaped covering which is cemented to the tooth structure and its main function is to protect the tooth structure and retain the function.


  • Following pulpotomy or pulpectomy procedure
  • For teeth with developmental defects or large carious lesions involving multiple surfaces
  • Localised/generalised developmental problems. Ex: Enamel Hypoplasia


  • Full coverage of fractured or large carious tooth
  • Increased durability and longevity
  • It acts as semipermanent restoration which doesnt interrupt any natural process of tooth eruption.

There are wide variety of crowns avaliable for primary teeth. Some of them include stainless steel crowns, polycarbonate crowns, zirconia crowns etc..

Here in our Dr. Sekhar’s Dental Care & Implant Centre , we have specialised pediatric dental care providing treatment to all types of children including ” a Special Child ” who needs special attention and care during the treatment procedure.



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  • Totally Pain less Root Canal Treatment Done in a Single Sitting.

    Mrs. Sapna Gupta

    I Came here for my Root Canal Treatment and got the Root Canal Done And also Got an Implant by Dr Sekhar. He is an Amazing Doctor I Brought my Mom also She got Her Root Canal Done and Her Four Teeth Implants We loved the Way they Treated The Staff is so Polite and have so much Experience Good Refer to Everyone who ever i know to come here. Thank you.

  • Very Luxurious Dental Hospital with Helpful Staff & Doctors

    Mr. Djerou Haroune Ahmat

    Good evening i’m here in Dr Sekhar’s Dental Implant Center Just i wanna Thanks them for the lot of Help they did to me All in Two Sitting lot of Difference in my Tooth and Totally Different now Im Feeling Very Healthy in my Tooth and my Gum everything is Good Just i wanna Thank the Doctor and all the Assistant’s here. This Center is Very Nice and Their Handling is Very Luxury.

  • Dr Sekhar Fixed my Broken Front Teeth with Dental Implants.

    Mr. Preetham Reddy

    After i have Lost my Front Teeth i have Searched for a Permanent Solution for an Implant. Through Google i have Found Sekhar’s Dental Implant Center When i came for the first time they have Seen my Case and Went Thoroughly Through the Process and which Implant has to be Chosen The Process took around Two to Three Days Dr ChandraSekhar Treated me Carefully for a Successful Result

  • Thanks to the Doctor Solving my Long Term Dental Problem

    Mr. Srihari Chodagiri

    Sincere Thanks to the Doctor for Helping me Solve a Long Time Pending Dental Problem I live in Oman and i have Suffered some Issue with the Upper Tooth. The Incidentally Referred to this Dr Sekhar in Hyderabad is also the Place that i came from This Doctor is a Very Nice Person he has a Good setup Lab and Facility And the way Treatment has been Done was Very Very Good. I’m so Thankful for the Doctor for Solving the Problem.

  • Very Happy that I Chose Sekhar's Dental for my Dental Implant

    Mr. Santosh

    From past 2-3 years I am facing dental problems, I have visited many hospitals and look treatments but couldn’t find a solution for my problems, Finally I have visited Dr Sekhars Dental Hospital and with in half an hour Dr figured out the problem and did a root canal treatment. Thanks to Dr Chandrasekhar Garu for giving a solution to my dental problems. I will definitely suggest this hospital to my friends and family who are suffering from dental problems.

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